Monday, 10 July 2017

Thoughts on...Bees

10th July 2017 brings a very important message - it's 'Don't Step on a Bee' day. As a child I was slightly terrified of bees, but as I grew up I started to realise that bees were a little bit amazing and so important for our environment. The world would be a difficult place without these little guys buzzing around and spreading (literally) some pollen based joy.

Unfortunately changes in the environment (yep...contrary to the beliefs of some political leaders in the world - i do believe we're screwing with our environment) have meant that there are fewer and fewer bees. 

I love the fact that a day has been dedicated to raising awareness of our stripey little buddies so I thought I would feature them as my Monday 'thoughts on' post. are some thoughts on how we can all take some simple steps to support the bee population and in turn support our eco-system. Because every tiny change can help.

1. Don't step on a bee. I's right there in the name of the day. If you do see a bee on the ground looking a bit worse for wear then...

2. Try feeding bees some sugar water - some guidance about this can be found here  - I also love the idea of leaving small egg cups of sugar water around for any passing bees

Watching a fuzzy bumblebee drinking sugar water is also pretty much the cutest..

3. Plant a bee friendly garden - no matter how small. The Royal Horticultural Society have lots of information on bee friendly flowers. And your garden will look beautiful - it's a win win! For a simple solution you can buy bee friendly seed mixes, like this seedball here.

4. Buy a bee house to provide a safe place to live. There are lots to choose from. The house above is from

5. There are lots of ways to support the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Including buying adorable little bee pins, like the pin above.

I'm definitely going to start walking with an eye on the ground just in case there are any bees in need of a hand. Quite the change from the teenager who would run screaming if a bee came within 5 metres of her!

Bye for now


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