Sunday, 30 July 2017

24 Projects in 24 Weeks - Week 2 Update - Foxy Cross Stitch

Hello to all the crafty people in the house! I've achieved week 2 of my challenge to complete a crafty project each week. Hurrah! I've found cross stitch to be really helpful this week. My brain has been so tired each evening (hence the silence on sorry my lovely blog readers) that following a pattern has given me something to do that doesn't involve sitting around and worrying, but hasn't overly taxed my poor confused brain!

So here's the finished item. It was from a kit that came as a free gift with the September 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine. I have such a stash of free kits to work my way through, but I couldn't resist this design - so pretty.

The kit comes with a pink plastic hoop as well, but I am trying to build a collection of embroidered designs in wooden hoops for a hoopla wall I want to put together,  so I used a small wooden one instead.

Here's a close up to show the detail of the design. I was so impressed with this design coming as a free kit.

If you'd like to stitch your own little fox family the magazine should still be in the shops.

I have a sneaky suspicion next week's project is also going to be cross stitch related - but more on that next weekend!

Have you completed any projects this week? I'd love to hear about them if you have!

Bye for now


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