Friday, 10 February 2017

That Friday Feeling - Rags 'n' Bones, Archie and Simish

I wasn't sure that Friday was going to arrive this has seemed like such a long week! But we made it...hurrah!

This week has been full of very non-blog worthy activities and I'm intending to make up for that this weekend. I'm hoping for lots of sun and outdoors adventures this weekend (and maybe a bit of crafting thrown in for good measure).

Here are a few things I've been loving this week...

What I've been watching

I've found a new guilty pleasure TV show in Riverdale. A teen angst and mystery show based on Archie Comics...what could go wrong? I love how the style of the show...super dramatic with a love triangle thrown in for good measure...and the colour palette is gorgeous, so it's a win for me!

What I've been listening to

Rag 'n' Bone Man has been on constant repeat on my iPod this week - perfect voice and!

What I've been playing

I may have made a big mistake in downloading The Sims 4 to play this week. The Sims has been another guilty pleasure of mine for many (many) years but I've managed to resist for the past couple of years. That all changed this's on my first character is created and I'm ready to earn some simoleons. Now I just need to balance the amount of time I spend in Simsville and everything should be fine. Addicted? Me? Never.

I'm looking forward to this weekend so much. Have a fantastic time, whatever you're doing, and I'll see you soon!

Bye for now


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