Saturday, 4 February 2017

Getting to know matcha...

So I'm a month late to the Teapigs Matcha challenge but I'm not going to let that stop me! I've used this magical green powder for energy on and off for a few years but am going to use February as a chance to really start to build it into my daily diet.

I decided to treat myself to this set, which includes a tin of matcha and 'The Book of Matcha'. I'm only half way through reading the book, but I've already learnt a lot and it's way more interesting than a book about powdered leaves should be!

If you're new to matcha, here are some fun facts...

  • Matcha is powdered green tea - and unlike normal green tea you drink the entire contents - rather than throwing away the good bit (the leaves!)
  • It's fab for slow release energy - I sometimes drink a shot of matcha in the morning and it really helps me feel more awake for longer
  • It's green tea which means it's packed full of antioxidants
  • It can help your skin look healthier
  • It makes a gorgeous latte!
The recipe for a lovely latte is in the matcha book (along with so many other recipes...I've never tried matcha for anything but drinks, but am going to have to break that tradition...matcha macarons anyone?)

After buying the set I quickly regretted not buying a traditional matcha whisk. Luckily amazon came to the rescue. To make a lot of recipes using matcha you need to turn it into a paste first, by adding warm water. The whisk has definitely made this really easy to do (I found a lot of my other attempts just left it a little bit lumpy) so I'd recommend one if you're thinking of using matcha more.

I really love the taste of matcha, which is good news, but I think it might be an acquired taste. It's like normal green tea but with an earthier flavour. It goes really well with almond milk and is amazing as a latte with some cinnamon mixed in. 

What healthy foods/ drinks are you trying out for 2017? 

Bye for now!


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