Friday, 24 February 2017

That Friday Feeling - Good Smells, a Bellabeat and some Billy on the Street

Friday...Friday...gotta get down on Friday...(yep...that song is going to be stuck in my head forever now)

I'm so ridiculously happy it's Friday this week. I intend to revel in every single lovely minute of the weekend ahead. Before I get started here's a few things I've been using & loving this week...

What I've been..smelling...

I found this range of candles by Urban Apothecary in my local Boots and have been a little bit in love with smelling them ever since. I bought the Carrot Cake and Mint Creme scents but also have Bakewell Tart, Custard Cream and Lemon Meringue on my wishlist...they smell so good I think they're actually helping my diet and keeping cake cravings at bay!

What I've been wearing...

I treated myself to a Bellabeat after hitting a health related was a little 'yay me' present for myself. I haven't stopped wearing it and tracking my steps, sleep patterns and meditation habits. I think I'll do a full blog post on this little gadget at some point but I've been so impressed and it's definitely helped me keep my stress levels in check this week.

What I've been watching...

I love every manic inch of Billy Eichner. I think I would panic and run in the other direction if he ever ran up to me in the streets - but I can watch his clips for hours through the safety of youtube!

I have a weekend of viewing houses (we're thinking of moving home...scary and exciting all at once!), crafting for a craft swap and getting some jobs around the house finished (because...ya know...potentially selling our house) so nothing super exciting but I'm really excited to get started. For now it's time for sleep (if someone could teach me the technique to get my cat to stop using me as a trampoline in the middle of the night that would be fantastic).

Whatever you're doing this weekend I hope it's a happy one.

Bye for now


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