Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday Best - Pancake Day!

So it's Shrove Tuesday this week...which means it's Pancake Day in the UK...woo!

I flipping love pancakes (see what I did there? wasn't subtle).

In honour of this most tasty of days this Sunday best is dedicated to the little yellow pieces of yumminess, and all items (and photos) are from Etsy.

Stitchrovia is my favourite Cross Stitch designer on Etsy, and this pattern is no exception.

I love the design of this plate by jimbobart so much...perfect for eating pancakes on!

Can't get enough of those flipping pancake puns? Then this adorable card by Buttonbela is for you!

Just looking through the gorgeous pieces of jewellery in NeatEats is making me hungry...and this pancake necklace is no exception! Love the little heart shapes of butter.

And lastly...this cute print from FreyaArt suggests that making pancakes is super easy.

I should be getting some house tidying done right now...but instead I think I'm going to go and research pancake toppings...that's time well spent...right?

Bye for now!


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