Saturday, 1 October 2016

World Card Making Day...and a Challenge!

Today is World Card Making Day, a day dedicated to encouraging people to make cards rather than going for the mass produced market. It has inspired me to have a go at making my Christmas Cards this year. It's something I promise myself I'll do every single year...and then before I know it, it's the 20th December and I haven't made/ posted a single card. I'm determined to change that this year so I'm setting myself a goal. I don't actually send that many cards each year, so my goal is that between now and the 10th December I'm going to try to make three cards each week, so I should have 30 in total. That's more than enough, and any left over I'll either save for next year or donate to charity.

My plan is to cross stitch most, if not all, of the cards, and I have soooo many free kits from magazines to make, so that's my first focus.

I don't think for a second that my blog has enough of a readership to start this as a 'proper' challenge with other people participating, but if you're out there and would like to give this a try too, let me know...I think I'm going to need some motivation to stop me getting distracted and making anything and everything but Christmas Cards!!

I'll do weekly updates of where things are with my card making challenge...wish me luck!

Bye for now!

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  1. Good luck with your challenge, I think it sounds wonderful. I feel like sending xmas cards is something of a lost art these days, so if I got one that had been handmade (esp a cross stitch) I'd be thrilled!!