Monday, 3 October 2016

Stationery Haul - Sainsbury's

I do love a mini stationery haul. I think its my most favourite type of shopping spree. I stumbled across the most beautiful selection of Stationery in our local Sainsbury's Supermarket and thought I'd share it here. If you live in the UK and have a Sainsbury's near by I'd definitely suggest a visit if you're looking for a stationery hit...the items I bought are the tip of a rather beautiful iceberg!

First is this lovely weekly planner...

It has the perfect layout inside for planning blog posts, so that's what I'm using it for. It has each week planned out and then a really useful space for writing notes and a 'to do'list..pretty and functional...perfect!

I also bought a cute little address and birthday book. Address books seem unnecessary in modern times and yet I love writing out addresses in a new book and knowing the next time I sit down with it will probably be Christmas card writing time!

The last thing that ended up in my basket was a pack of three washi tapes. The glittery gold tape is so pretty. And even has a coating which means that it doesn't shed glitter everywhere.

Might have to start doing my weekly food shop at Sainsbury's ... just because of their food selection of course...nothing to do with the stationery.


Bye for now xxx

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