Friday, 7 October 2016

That Friday Feeling...Colds and Sneezes and Sniffles...oh my!

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It's Friday!...just in case you hadn't heard.

The weather definitely taken a turn towards the chilly this week and unfortunately that has brought with it the usual range of coughs and colds. I've been fighting off a virus of some kind all week which has basically meant my days have looked something along the lines of...

Wake up

Drag myself out of bed 

Crawl to work


Crawl Home

Walk the dog

Sit under a blanket staring into space whilst thinking about all of the things I would rather be doing

Go to sleep

Which means I don't have an awful lot to share this week for my Friday Feeling! I've been sat here staring at my laptop for 30 minutes trying to think about the awesome happenings of the week.

Then I realised that it shouldn't always be the awesome happenings or 'best things ever'. Sometimes it can be the little things that bring a smile in an otherwise slightly grumpy week.

So here's my top 5 favourite things from this week...

  1. The evening walks with the puppy and the hubby - yes, it's getting darker but I'm loving wrapping up in warm clothes and walking until it's dark
  2. Hubby trying to make me a drink with my Dolce Gusto, which was supposed a Chai Latte but was actually half a caramel chococino and half a chai latte due to a pod mix up...and actually tasted alright
  3. Gathering Christmas catalogs from the shops and choosing what to buy. I have been truly sucked into the Christmas marketing machine this year. I'm planning already and am literally itching to put up a Christmas tree. I'm telling myself it's because I'm too tired to resist!
  4. Avocado on toast with sea salt and chili flakes - because it's literally the easiest and yummiest breakfast/ lunch/ dinner and has saved me on several occasions when I didn't feel like eating due to my cold...because trust me, it's going to take something pretty major to put me off that taste combo!
  5. Lovely chats with lovely people - err...probably don't need to explain this one but have just had a few moments this week where I've realised just how lovely people can be (cheesy, but true)

So this weekend I'm planning to get back on track with some of my crafty plans, have some quality time with loved ones and catch up on some sleep....rock n roll my friends, rock n roll.

Whether your weekend is wild or serene, I hope it's a good one and I'd love to hear about some of the little things/ moments that have brightened up your week!

Bye for now!

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