Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sunday Best - Cocktail Hour

Etsy are getting rid of treasuries, which makes me really sad. I've loved Treasuries since I first discovered Etsy, and always enjoy rooting through and finding items I want to put on my own Treasuries.

The removal of treasuries will change how I do my 'Sunday Best' posts. Instead, I'll be posting my new pinterest boards to show things that have been inspiring me that week.

I've been neglecting pinterest lately, so this will be a nice way of getting back to doing some pinning and tracking things I love.

It does mean the items are likely to be from a range of shops - not just Etsy.

Anyway...without further ado, here's my new pin board for this week. I'm hoping to have a little cocktail party soon (ha ha ... sorry...I just realised how old it makes me feel to say I'm having a Cocktail Party)...and here is some inspiration I found for items I'd love to use and recipes I'd love to make...

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