Monday, 10 October 2016

Christmas Card Challenge - Week 1 Update

Hello, hello! Last week I set myself a challenge to start making Christmas Cards in honour of World Card Making Day. Over the past week I have learnt/ remembered a few things...

  1. Cross stitching takes longer than I give it credit for
  2. Just because something is small doesn't mean it'll be quick to make if it still involves lots of stitches and colour changes
  3. I find it hard to concentrate on anything other than self pity if I have a bit of a cold (pathetic..seriously...I'm pathetic)
  4. I love finishing projects, no matter how big or small
  5. As much as I've side-eyed people who start talking about Christmas in October in the past - starting to get prepared early actually feels lovely 

So the three cards I had planned to make this week were wayyy too adventurous. I'd just forgotten how many hours can go into even the smallest of projects when it comes to cross stitch. I think I'll try some other crafting techniques (in addition to cross stitch!) over the next few weeks to help build up my card stash.

I cheated slightly this week and ended up making one card and some gift tags (I'm sure they count, right?). These were made using kits I had hanging around. I know exactly who is receiving the teddy card and I really love the Scandinavian tags - they'll look lovely with parcels wrapped in brown paper.

Here's my week 1 photo...the bear bowl in the photo is a purchase I made today in Next...a bowl with bears climbing into it...does winder home ware get much better than that? I'll blog more about my most recent Next home ware haul as soon as there is enough daylight for me to take photos!

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