Monday, 19 June 2017

Thoughts on...Home

I've mentioned a few times that we were planning to sell our house...and then decided not to. It's been a strange old roller coaster from start to finish and it has made me take a step back and question why I was hoping to move to start with. It wasn't for any definite reason. I'd just decided I wanted a bigger extra bathroom...more space.

However - deciding not to move has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, and I've realised that I was looking for the right things, but in the wrong place.

I'm now feeling settled and content in our current house and have stopped focusing on what I need from my home..not a pointless list of things I want - and I've realised I have everything I need already. I thought I'd share what I've come to realise are the most important things to feel at home, wherever that may be...

1. Environment - Being surrounded by the right people, pets and plants - I'm a bit of an introvert at heart. My home will never be constantly filled by large groups of people (that would be enough to leave me running for the hills) but I adore my family, friends, pets and yep, even my plants, and love how they all fill the house with memories and life - definitely the most important part of my home

2. Rituals - Having little rituals at home - this is something I've been working on over the past few weeks. Sunday morning breakfast is now a bit of an event. So is making sure that we have some time each week curled up in our new snug chair, reading, and board game night. I'm already finding that this is helping me to create memories and a sense of being settled.

3. Nooks - Linked to our new snug chair above - I've recently created a bit of a nook in our conservatory and it has completely changed how I feel about the area, and the house. Having a super comfy little area to curl up in is now on my 'must have' for any home from now on - I can't believe I haven't had one before now. I've found myself sitting in our nook each morning while I gather my thoughts for the day, and definitely think it's helping my mindfulness.

4. Stuff - I think I have donated about 10 car loads of 'stuff' to charity in recent months...and I haven't missed a single thing I donated. But what I have been left with is some precious items of 'stuff' which mean the world to me and make me very happy. I love looking around my home and seeing things which have memories attached. Right now I'm say typing and looking at a little vintage cow milk jug my hubby bought for me one year. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside because it is so absolutely 'me'. I love the minimalist look but I don't think that will ever be my home because it doesn't represent me ... and my stuff

So there we go...that's home for me. We've got a little bit of re-decorating to do, but not much, and it's a lovely feeling to be settled.

What makes a home for you? I'd love to know.

Bye for now


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