Monday, 5 June 2017

Thoughts on Blogging

Well I have hardly been a prolific blogger these past few months. My blog has remained in the back of my mind through all of the quiet periods, like an old friend you can not talk to for years, but know that when you do catch up it'll be like things never changed.

Things do change though, and I know I've definitely changed as I've progressed through my thirties, and I'd love to start writing a blog that reflects that. 

There are some truly beautiful blogs out there in the world - so many in fact, that it can become overwhelming. Particular for an over-thinker, which I most definitely am. It's easy to decide that because my life will never be the perfect picture of beautiful clothes, worn in amazing locations, surrounded by rose gold accessories that I should give up the blogging game. 

But, honestly, that's not the life I want. I want to look at some pretty items I have a hope of being able to afford, I want to be creative and make things (irrespective of how crappy they may turn out to look) and I want to have fun and write about whatever is interesting me at the time. 

The little blog in the back of my mind has been trying to whisper to me for the past few weeks that perhaps if I feel like that, then other people might too, and might still be interested in reading my space in the blogosphere.  

I think I'm going to listen this time. Life outside of the world of my chrome book is difficult at the moment due to the health of someone I love very much,  but then life can difficult. The truly horrific events that have taken lives in the UK recently seem to suggest that the world has quite literally gone mad. Blogs sometimes neglect to mention that, with the chant of 'only ever be positive' ringing in our ears from so many different lists of blogging tips. 

I'm planning to have a little bit of a re-fresh around these parts - some new post ideas, and just a renewed attempt to make this a space that reflects more of life. I'm planning more posts that involve more thoughts on things and lessons I've learnt. For I have learnt many! There will still be homeware and crafts a-plenty though...never fear!

If you've taken time to read this little outpouring then thank you. It's really appreciated and makes my heart feel that little bit fuzzier. I hope to see you again soon. 

Bye for now xx

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