Friday, 9 June 2017

That Friday Feeling - Anniversaries, Playing in the Labyrinth and The Handmaid's Tale

This week has had its ups and downs. The loveliest part has been celebrating two years of marriage to my most amazing of husbands.

It did leave me with the question of what the hell to buy a man that is made out of cotton (the traditional material for the 2nd wedding anniversary). I settled on an anniversary themed cushion, and a very non-anniversary themed T-Shirt (Rick and Morty to be precise) which seemed to go down well...phew!

Some other highlights from the week have been...

What I've been playing... the Labyrinth Board Game

I know I can occasionally border on revealing my geekier side on this blog, and that this post represents revealing a whole new level of geekdom, but I'm loved playing this game so much that I just don't flipping well care!

I have been a die hard fan of the Labyrinth franchise ever since tiny-me first locked eyes with the Goblin King. I have never been a massive board gamer, but this has changed all that. My most amazing husband bought this for me as an anniversary present (yep, he really does know me well) and playing it has been the most lovely nostalgia trip this week. If you're a fan of the film then I can't recommend this enough. It has clearly been put together with love for the franchise and genuinely captures the feel of the labyrinth and the characters.

Speaking of the characters...look at the playing pieces (I'm squealing in my head right now)...

The photos above are from and you can pick a copy of the game up if you are a fellow Goblin King groupie.

What I've Been Watching... The Handmaid's Tale

I'm only one episode into The Handmaid's Tale but it absolutely and completely captivated me for that time. It seems very timely that this classic novel has been turned into a TV series. In my lifetime I don't think I've ever had as many concerns about women's rights in the Western World as I do right now. It makes the shocking events within this dystopian future even more plausible. Horrifying, gripping, beautiful and ugly all at once, the first episode was TV at its finest, and I can't wait for episode 2 to hit the UK.

The rest of this week has been about family. Whatever you have planned for the weekend I hope you have some time to do the things you enjoy - however small. 

I'm off to play another game of Labyrinth. 

You remind me of the babe...

Bye for now!


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