Monday, 12 June 2017

Thoughts on Kindness

I've recently been watching my way through The Kindness Diaries on Netflix. The programme is a travel documentary of sorts, but based on the premise that the 'traveller' - Leon Logothetis - has to rely entirely on the kindness of strangers to sleep, eat and for fuel for his amazingly retro yellow motorbike.

I've found it to be a really touching show which has really put some of my own concerns into perspective, and is a much needed televisual hug while the world seems to be going a little bit crazy. The most powerful message I've taken so far is that it seems to be the people with the least who give the most.

'Kind' is a word I've always held as part of my identity, who I am. It's a trait I value highly, and that's something I definitely learnt from my parents. However - watching The Kindness Diaries has made me reflect a little bit on what I do to show kindness to strangers - people who aren't actually part of my family/ friendship/ work circles. I think the answer is 'not much' and so that's something I'm aiming to change. Ultimately I want to donate time to supporting people through volunteering. However, there are some baby steps I want to take first, to try and make myself more conscious of the importance of kindness towards others, and I thought I'd share them today.

1. Donate items - this is an obvious one, and isn't new to me. I always donate to charity shops when I'm having a turn-out. However - I often see charities advertising for donations of handmade items (eg blankets for homeless people, crochet octopus for premature babies, jackets for rescued battery hens) and I'm going to try and donate some of my crafting time to making some items for these charities. More on that to come in future posts!

2. Stop Judging - I mentioned in my post last Monday that I have found myself judging strangers online in the past and intend to stop doing that, and that is something I plan to ensure is part of my every day life - on and off the internet. Judging others is a massive waste of time, and just adds more negativity to the bubbling pit of meanness that already exists in the world.

3. Be Kinder Behind the Wheel - Driving can sometimes bring out the worst in people it seems. Something I've already tried to start doing is letting people out of turnings more. I've already received a lot more smiles and friendly waves from other drivers, which makes me a less tense driver,  so it already seems like such a tiny action is having a positive impact.

4. In the blogging world - leave kind comments. Blogging and commenting don't seem to go hand in hand anymore - but I know that taking time to leave a comment can make someone feel happy when they've taken time to put something out there. This seems like a really lovely way to spread a bit of kindness

5. Be Kind to Myself - I think this is the foundation of all other kindness. I am the queen of beating myself up about things I can't change, or mistakes I've made. This then leads to a crappy mood, which then rubs off on those around me. So my first step is to be kind to myself. I have a sneaky suspicion this will be the most challenging change!

I'd love to hear about the steps you take to be more kind, and if you know of any crafted item donations please pass them on, I'd love to build a list!

Bye for now


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