Friday, 25 April 2014

TFI Friday!

Woop! It's Friday! For me this means two whole days of chilling, crafting and exploring woodlands (weather permitting). What will your weekend bring? Something good I hope!

I may also fit in some time to carry on trying to organise my life by sorting out the overwhelming levels of 'stuff' I seem to permanently accumulate!

Here are three things which have made this week that little bit brighter and brought some happiness my way....

Honey Badgers - oh, I'd seen the 'Honey Badgers don't give a shit' meme splashed across the internet - but it wasn't until I saw this video that I truly understood just how magical honey badgers are...seriously...not only do they not give a shit, they also seem to be mini geniuses - I can't recommend this video enough - a few days later and I'm still speechless.

Tanya Burr Make-Up - I have a sneaky suspicion that in general Tanya Burr (and her new make-up line) is aimed at a much younger generation than the one I'm a confirmed member of. That said - I love her positive approach and some of her make-up tutorials are so simple yet so effective. I've invested in a few of the lip glosses and nail polishes from Tanya's new range and they're so lovely - good quality for the price and such pretty colours. 
Tanya Burr make-up at Feel Unique

Captain America: The Winter Soldier  - I've seen this twice in the cinema now, (which is a serious record for me - these days I'm lucky if I see a film once in the cinema - I've fallen firmly into the 'I'll wait until it's on Blu-Ray' trap recently). I absolutely love this film. The story, the acting and the action all add up to a little slice of Marvel magic. If you generally like the Marvel films and haven't seen it yet then I couldn't recommend it more - Sebastian Stan is amazing, Nick Fury gets an awesome action sequence and Black Widow kicks ass - oh, and Chris Evans is on fine form....I will say no more!

I hope your week has brought some little pieces of joy your way - I'd love to hear about it if it has!

Bye for now
Kat xx

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