Tuesday, 22 April 2014

International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club

I just wanted to share this little gem I stumbled upon whilst heading down one of those rabbit warrens the internet so kindly leads us down when we let it (I love those times when you stumble across something quite lovely by complete accident).

I'm proud to say that I have some Geek Girl tendencies - my entertainment leanings are certainly considered to be on the Geek spectrum, so I was really happy to find this community of geeky girls looking to communicate the old fashioned way - as penpals - by signing up to the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club.

Round 13 is currently open for sign-ups - so if you have a geeky passion and would love a pen pal then get over to the site now (it's free and very quick to sign-up, which makes a nice change - hurrah!). Importantly - it's not just for girls (although people are matched up with a pen pal of the same gender and from a similar age group).

I'm really looking forward to finding out who my pen pal will be...expect some future posts on geek-related stationary!

Bye for now
Kat xx


  1. This is awesome! I just signed up. Can't wait to see how it materialises!

  2. I know! Love this idea. Glad to hear you signed up :) x