Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Best - Geek Love!

Hello little treasury treasures, 

I hope your weekends are going swimmingly. It's pouring with rain here so the weekend woodland rambles I'd planned have taken a back seat - and snuggling under blankets whilst trying to talk myself into being productive has taken its place.

Inspired by signing up to the Geek Girls Penpals I've put together a treasury of a few pieces of geeky beauty on Etsy.

Link to the Geek Love Treasury on Etsy
I love seeing some of the items inspired by various fandoms on Etsy - especially the Doctor Who and Sherlock geekery that is available - and I might have to buy myself a geeky panda plush - so cute! To check out the items in more detail please click on the link above.

I think we've all got geeky tendencies - be it for a television programme, an academic subject, a set of books, make-up or a particular sport - being a geek means having a passion for something - and that's a good thing which should be celebrated!

Bye for now!

Kat xx

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