Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tutorial Tried and Tested - Dino Ring Holder

I have a confession to make.


I compulsively bookmark/ pin online tutorials and then, without fail, successfully manage to never get around to trying them...ever.

I've decided this is a habit I want to break and so have set myself a goal of trying out one tutorial every week. I promise to share the results, however bad they might be!

My first attempt came from a blog which is packed with cute tutorials called Small Good Things. The blogger behind the tutorials is Emi, and a while back she posted a fun tutorial making ring holders using plastic animals and some old nail polish.

I'm terrible at loosing my jewellery, and I hoard nail polish like nobody's business, so this was a perfect tutorial for me to try. One trip to a supermarket later and I was armed with a bucket of plastic dinosaurs and some old nail polish. The end result was this little guy, who now sits proudly on a shelf by my bed...


Ironically I couldn't find any of my favourite rings to pose him with for a picture! However, when they do turn up I'm pretty sure my dinosaur is going to keep them safe.

This was a super easy and cheap tutorial to try, and apart from the nail polish fumes (do this project in a well ventilated room!) it all went well. It only took two coats of nail polish before he was no longer green and was sporting a pretty purple hue. I didnt take the extra step of adding push pins because he's kinda big and heavy. Love the idea though. You can find the tutorial to make your own plastic animal ring holder here.

Ok, I'm off to hunt for my rings, and then decide on a project for the remainder of my dino-bucket...any tutorial suggestions very welcome :)






  1. This is adorable, and now I need to go to the thrift store and find some small plastic animals!

  2. Do it! I'd love to see the finished products :)