Friday, 12 April 2013

TFI Friday!

Happy Weekend!
Another relaxing week has been had here...I think I'd forgotten what chill out time feels like...bliss! I'm feeling fully charged and ready to get back to the daily grind on Monday :)

This week has brought one all-consuming addiction with it...The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice, which still remains one of my all time favourite books. I stumbled upon the first episode of this adaptation by accident on YouTube, and 100 episodes later I was smitten with the characters (don't get me started on Bing Lee) and gutted to have reached the end of the story.
It's primarily told through Lizzie's Vlogs, although a few other characters also get in on the act, and there are some cute interactions via Twitter. I genuinely enjoyed some of the changes they made to the story, but don want to spoil anything.
You can watch your way through everything in order using the links here.
Please be warned that it might be detrimental to your sleep however.
In other news I've been continuing my stash busting exercises and now have the most organised collection of earrings I've ever possessed, thanks to the joys of embroidery hoops, a vintage doily and some hessian...hurrah!
Is it sad how happy I am to be able to see my earring collection looking so organised?
My next mission is to organise my button stash...wish me luck!
Have a gorgeous weekend, time for me to start reading Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time x

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  1. Those hoops make me wish I wore earrings!
    I'm going to have to start watching the Lizzie Bennett Diaries. It seems like a day doesn't go past without me coming across a reference.