Monday, 22 April 2013

Otters and Butterflies and Owls...Oh My!

During my recent time off work I had the cutest day trip on the South Devon Railway. A very sweet and traditional steam railway on the south coast of the UK. At one end of the railway line these adorable guys were waiting:

at the Otter and Butterfly Sanctuary. cute? The one on his back there spent a good five minutes rolling around in his enclosure right below where we were stood. I was smitten.

They also had the beauty of being able to watch butterflies and moths hatching from their chrysalis:

There were so many climbing their way out while we were there and it was so incredibly cool to watch. I've never seen anything like it up close...beautiful!

At the other end of the line was the Totnes Rare Breed Farm which was a lovely little farm with lots of opportunity to interact with the animals. I loved feeding sheep and goats...but most importantly I had the chance to stroke this little guy....

 His name is Flitwick ( there a better name for this owl) and there was a sign up which said that if he was sat on the fence in front of his enclosure it meant he was ok to be stroked. Luckily he was sat there and it meant I had my first ever hands-on owl experience!

This rather magnificent lady was also there, surveying everyone with a look of absolute superiority:

I can't recommend this day out enough to people of all ages, especially animal and bird lovers! If you ever happen to be in South Devon check it out.

For those very far away, I hope you've still enjoyed the photos!

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  1. What a wonderful getaway!
    The otter is my new patronus (tee hee).
    Flitwick is amazing. Just amazing. And you got to stroke him? What an experience!!!