Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Crafty Creatives - September Craft Box Review

I've officially been hit by the 'monthly box subscriptions' bug. My favourite of all the boxes so far (and the only one I'm still subscribing to) is the monthly craft box from Crafty Creatives

My third box from them arrived this morning and it's another gorgeous box of crafty supplies and projects. Each box has a theme, and for September it's a Far East, or 'Oriental' theme. 

I'm so in love with the contents that I thought I'd share - prepare for some pic spam!

As this is my first post about this box I'll start at the beginning. It arrives in a neat little brown box:

And the items are always wrapped in some really pretty paper (which is being re-used as wrapping paper!):

The first item you hit is the art card, which has a gorgeous print on the front and information about the box on the reverse. This art card features Koi fish painted by Italian artist Davide:

Then you get to the goodies...

So far I'm always really impressed by the amount of crafty items that are in each box - definitely enough for several projects! This month's box includes:

  • 3 Chinese Coins - I already have a few of these scattered around the house as symbols of luck but I can see a jewellery project in the future for these!
  • Chinese symbol sheet and some black ink - time to get practising at my Chinese character brushwork!
  • Sheet of peel-off stickers
  • Wooden kokeshi doll - I'm especially looking forward to trying to decorate this
  • 3 sheets of origami paper
  • 1 fat quarter of Chinese brocade fabric
  • 3 pages from a Chinese new year fortune book
  • 4 metres of red cord
  • Fortune cookie (not crafty but tasty!)
My favourite item is this cinnabar bead, which I predict will be a necklace by the end of the day:

The last item in the box is a craft kit which includes everything you need to learn the art of Asian book binding through making a cute little notepad:

I love, love, love getting this box each month - it never fails to bring a smile to my face. To find out more about the box and subscriptions you can check out their website Crafty Creatives


  1. I've heard of beauty boxes but this is the first time i've heard of a craft box! It looks awesome but I don't think I can stretch to paying £13 a month for it. Maybe when i've finished my Sky contract i'll be able to afford it. Damn Sky!