Thursday, 13 September 2012

Life PGR!

Photo by The Gingham Owl on Etsy

My life is now officially split into two time periods - pre and post gallbladder removal. I had my operation to remove the pesky little organ that has been making me feel so ill on the 31st August and am healing well. I'm not going to go into any details hear (so do not fear!) but think I might try and find an appropriate place to talk about it online. My experience has, on the whole, been a positive one and I hope that by sharing this I might be able to counter-balance some of the horror stories that are floating around the web which left me with a sense of impending doom.

Life post gallbladder removal (PGR) is actually already looking very different in a good kind of way. Some of the changes are:

1. I've completely changed my diet. My diet now involves hardly any processed foods - all good, healthy ingredients and fresh food. It's still very low fat, although I'm starting to slowly introduce some health fats in the form of avocado and coconut oil (yum!). I've started to experiment with food a lot more, and am getting to grips with cooking with tofu. I'm definitely planning on sharing some of my experiments here, as well as some of the blogs that have inspired my new diet.

2. Life has gained a little bit of perspective. Maybe it's from spending some time in hospital and seeing what people are going through every day, or maybe it's because I had to put the brakes on for a little while. Either way I feel much calmer about the things in life that used to stress me out. A giant chill pill has definitely been swallowed.

3. I've officially got my crafty mojo back. I'm so happy that I'm starting to feel creative again. Now I have approximately 1001 crafty projects to catch up with

4. I'm all kinds of obsessed with make-up and nail varnish. Playing around with nail varnish and trying out new make up has been a really lovely distraction from everything that has been going on for the past couple of months. I have a feeling that it's an obsession which isn't going away any time soon!

In general, life PGR is a happier place to be and I'm looking forward to the new adventures around the corner.


  1. Way to go PGR! I can't wait to see some recipes...

  2. Thanks Blair, I'm really happy to see you have a blog now too! :)