Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Best...Feeling the Magic

Wow time flies, huh? Since my operation I've become spectacularly bad at multi-tasking. I'm hoping that full brain function will return soon, and until that time I'm busy making 'to do' lists like there's no tomorrow!

During my period of absence one of my most loved TV Shows has returned to my screen...BBC's 'Merlin'.

I'm a huge fantasy geek...give me men in armour fighting with swords, and a few dragons thrown in for good measure and I'm one happy girl. I'm already absolutely loving the new season, and that led to the creation of a new Merlin themed pinboard (I'm at a dangerous risk of creating a board for every thing I love...that's a lot of boards!), and here are a few of my favourite items...

This Merlin inspired ring is so pretty, I love the blue of the stone

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

How cute is this little Merlin Chibi? I've just discovered the Etsy Store CuteChibisandMore and suddenly find myself needing tiny versions of Sherlock, Doctor Who and Hawkeye.
Source: via Kat on Pinterest

I love the style of this etched brass shield ring, I need more brass in my jewellery stash
Source: via Kat on Pinterest

I had the pleasure of seeing these cute mice up close at a Craft Fair recently, they make all kinds of adorable characters but little Merlin and Arthur are extra cute.
Source: via Kat on Pinterest

Another ring (yep, I'm in the mood for buying rings). Love the Camelot etching around this ring, so unique.

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

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