Thursday, 13 September 2012

Stitch and Tell - Felt Tree Mobile Case

It was my Dad's birthday a little while ago, and his only request was a case for his new mobile phone. I've knitted him gadget cases in the past, but decided that it was time for a felt project (I think felt might be my absolute favourite crafty medium at the moment).

I knew I wanted it to have a nature theme, and this is what I came up with:

I unfortunately didn't make a pattern but the steps involved were:

  • Take the measurements of the phone, and cut one piece of felt to the height of the phone, adding 4cm width to allow for the depth of the phone 
  • Cut another piece of felt, again adding 4cm to the width, and this time adding half of the height again to make the flap
  • Cut the tree shape out of a piece of green felt, using the final size of the 'flap' (suddenly that word seems very wrong) as a guide
  • Attach the green felt tree shape to the longer piece of brown felt using fabric glue, making sure it sligtly overlaps the top edge
  • Embroider the tree trunk onto the smaller piece of brown felt
  • Stitch the two pieces of brown felt together along three edges to form a pouch

  • I tried a few different closure methods - a popper proved too difficult to open. I could imagine my dad missing every call while he desperatley tried to get his phone out of the case! In the end velcro strips proved to be the easiest closure method (although not as attractive sadly!)

  • I then cut out and embroidered a little bird, which was attached using fabric glue

  • The final step was to attach a button by sewing through both levels of felt
Dad loved it and it hasn't fallen apart after a couple of months worth of use (bonus!). If you have a go at making your own tree cover I'd love to see pictures! 

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