Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Best - Happy Easter & Chenille Chick Overload

Happy Easter everyone...may your day be filled with chocolate and all things cute. Speaking of which - does anyone else have a compulsion to buy chenille chicks each and every year? I have enough now for my very own tiny chenille chick army. I was musing on a mini photo shoot with some of this year's additions later today (seems like a totally normal Easter Sunday activity, right?).

In the meantime, my Sunday Best for today is a selection of some of my fav pics featuring the little fuzzy dudes on Flickr (click on the pics to be taken to their original source):

Pullip Tiphona & chicks

tea for two

chicks rock

Chicks, man

"Quit biting me mate!!"

"Mimi knew the odds where agains her...."

Cuteness overload! Ok, time for me to curl up with a book and a hot cross bun...yum!

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