Thursday, 12 January 2012

With a little help from my squirrel...

I don't have green fingers. In fact, if my fingers were a colour in relation to plants, they would be the blackest of blacks. So I just had to share my find of a little while ago, which has helped alleviate my curse on all plants...

This photo is of the money plant which lives on my desk at work (that's right, that's my work desk. ooooh...exciting). Now I know that money plants are really hard to kill...but I've managed it several times over. This little fella though...he's still thriving, months after buying him. It's all thanks to the little orange guy you can see peeking out of the pot. You see...when the plant needs water the squirrel disappears (thanks to the nifty water reservoir system which he floats on top of.

And when he disappears, I'm all 'oh hey, Mr/ Squirrel, where did you go? Oh duh! Water...the plant needs water'

It's honestly a genius system for the negligent plant water-er. Who wouldn't want to see this little face every day?...

I bought mine from 'The Distinguished' - my most favourite shop in Plymouth. But you can also buy them here and here.

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