Saturday, 14 January 2012

Stitch and Tell #2 - Dog Faced Boy

Have you ever found yourself completely stuck on a craft project? One that you thought would take a week at the most...that you're still struggling to finish months later?

That's where I am at the moment - stuck on a 'little' project, which was supposed to be a gift for someone a while ago, which I'm still stitching. the meantime, here's a little hoop I stitched a while back for a swap over at Crafster. I stitched it for someone who was interested in Circus sideshows. I tried (and epically failed) to stitch a bearded instead, this Dog Faced Boy stepped in to save the day. The picture doesn't show it well but I had a go at crayon tinting, to make him more 'fuzzy' Very handsome, don't you think?

Now...back to stitching...I will finish this project...I will, I will.

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