Sunday, 15 August 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

I love goal number 2 - it allows me to justify spending time chilling out and watching 90 minutes of pure beauty - also known as "Where the Wild Things Are". I didn't know a single thing about this film - hadn't even read Maurice Sendak's book, but just knew that the "monsters" looked a little bit cool and that I was in the mood for a whimsical movie to appeal to my inner child.

As it turned out I'm not sure what I would have made of the film if I'd watched it as a child - but as an adult I absolutely loved it. There was a Labyrinth-esque feel to it - a darkness, that really appealed to me. Max and Carol's journey through the film really is quite painful at times - their troubled natures and search for security aren't the stuff of your average kid flick. Visually it is a thing of beauty - the colours used are muted and just perfect, I loved the fact that the creatures mostly appeared to be actual costumes (Jim Henson Company's Creature Shop ftw), with CGI enhancement - not just CGI creations, and the scenery is stunning.

All in all I was completely captivated from start to finish by this beautiful film (directed by Spike Jonze by the way - how did I forget that?). My favourite part? Hands down - Bob and Terry. Genius.

My next film of the week has a lot to live up to :)

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