Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stationery Haul - Gemma Correll Notebooks at Tesco

I absolutely love Gemma Correll's artwork - I have a couple of her prints brightening up my walls and a couple of necklaces/ brooches featuring her adorable pug design.

Tesco have started stocking a pretty amazing range of stationery, so my weekly shop now pretty much always includes a little browse down the stationery isle (who needs food when there are pretty folders to buy, right?). On my last visit I was so excited to see this little guy staring at me from the shelves:

I love the 'Pugs not Drugs' design and am so happy to have his grumpy yet noble face in notebook form. However, there was also a design I haven't seen before, and I had to buy it as my new notebook for work...because, well, it sums me up very nicely...

Honestly - I think I spend at least 90% of my day with that look on my face. Inside there is an equally cute design on each page...

These notebooks were on sale when I found them - for just £3.75 each - bargain! You can hopefully still find them in-store at Tesco. Alternatively there is a pretty amazing selection of Gemma Correll stationery available at Amazon.  

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