Monday, 7 July 2014

Motif Monday - Finnick Odair Bookmark

Any Hunger Games fans out there? Anyone else totally fall in love with Finnick's character as the story unfolded? I put this design together for a craft swap a while back and thought I would share it here today. It's possibly one of the more random designs in my collection - Finnick's trident, and then his name spelt out in the Maritime Flag alphabet (I liked the maritime-water-Finnick connection). I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else wants a slightly obscure Finnick bookmark to add to their collection - and also to put it out there that if you would like anything else spelt out in the Maritime alphabet let me know!

I'm about to start another read-through of the books, but think I might make up this bookmark first. I still find myself enjoying reading actual books more than my Kindle - maybe because I've always loved bookmarks?!

Here's the pattern - no particular floss colour requirements - you'll just need a black, white, yellow, blue and red - nice and simple!

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