Thursday, 10 July 2014

Etsy Favourites - Kate Broughton

I have a list of 'go to' Etsy shops when I'm searching for gifts for people (and little pick-me-ups for myself of course) and thought I would start sharing some of them to spread the love.

The first Etsy shop that deserves muchos love is Kate Broughton. Kate is an illustrator and her shop is packed full of some beautiful prints, cards, notebooks, mirrors and nailart - featuring lots of different nature inspired themes including birds, flowers, whales and gardens.

Here are my current top five favourites from the shop...

Whales of the World Print - I'm still obsessing over whales and absolutely love this print! I think it's going to be going on a wishlist!

Woodland themed nail stickers - I have a few sets of Kate's nail stickers and these are next on the list - my nails suddenly feel a bit naked without some woodland magic on them!

Toadstool writing set - Made from recycled paper - I love the retro mushroom-ness of this set!

Mandarin Duck Pocket Mirror - I'm particularly fond of this because a cute family of Mandarin Ducks seem to have taken up residence on a pond near my home

Coastal Birds of Britain Print - another beautiful print, this time with a selection of British coastal birds.

This is my most recent purchase from Kate's shop -  a cute little Garden Notebook for my dad and some nail decals - a bird set for me, and a crafty set for a friend. I haven't used them yet but will take some pictures when I do.

I just wanted to add that I'm not sponsored in any way to make these posts - they're just my opinions on some amazing artists on Etsy - hope you enjoy discovering them!

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