Friday, 2 February 2018

That Friday Feeling...Tom Hanks, Vintage Youtube and almost vintage Friends

Hello ... it's Friday ... I'm so happy with that particular fact right now!

How has the week treated you? Mine has been super busy, and yet I haven't managed to achieve much on my to-do list.'s the weekend, so who cares, right?'ll try to cross a few things off the list this weekend (the first of which is the return of motif Monday on the blog...yay)!

Here are a few things I've been enjoying this week...

What I'm listening to...

An audio book read by Tom Hanks, consisting of short stories that he wrote? Yes please! I've loved Tom Hanks since the first time I saw Big! I'm only one story in, but it was a joy to listen to, and Tom's voice is really relaxing, so it's a perfect listen for some quiet relaxation time.

What I've been watching on Youtube

Dare I say it...but I've become really bored with a lot of the vloggers I've been watching for a while. I stumbled across Jessica Kellgren-Fozard by accident, but I was instantly interested in her style, take on life and overall positive attitude. I love her vintage style, her cute dogs and her lovely relationship with her wife. Some of her videos about living with disability and sign language are super interesting. I love how Jessica mixes some really serious and eye-opening content (but never in a preachy way) with beauty and fashion posts. I also love that she introduced me to Besame Cosmetics - which was love at first sight.

If you haven't seen any of Jessica's videos I'd honestly recommend them - I found them to be a breath of fresh air...and did I mention her vintage style? Beautiful!

What I've been binge watching on Netflix... there's this new show on Netflix. It's called Friends. It's about these 20-something New Yorkers...

In all seriousness...I've watched Friends more times than I can count on both hands...(and probably feet) but I was so happy when it appeared on UK Netflix recently. It's my ultimate comfort TV, and I'm enjoying spending some time with these guys again. I think there has been some Friends related backlash since it re-appeared on Netflix, and yeah, sure, a couple of jokes make me cringe now, but it's still a show with a good heart and some truly classic moments. I'm also totally loving the 90's hair and fashion.

This weekend I'll be doing some working...some walking...and some crafting. Nothing majorly exciting, but exactly what I need right now.

Whatever you're up to, have a great weekend, and I'll see you soon.


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