Sunday, 1 April 2018

Sundy Best - Cross Stitch Kits - Week 1

Hello beautiful people! Today's Sunday Best is a little run through of some of the amazing cross stitch kits available on Etsy. Life has been busy (same old excuses!) and I'm determined to give myself some crafting time in April.

I love the cute and quirky kits available for stitchers now (although still also have a soft spot for the more kitsch and old school cross stitch designs!).

Here are a few of my favourite 'safe for work' kits - the 'not safe for work' kits are equally awesome though, so be prepared for a run down of some of those bad boys next week!

1. Cute Bee from LittleBeachHut - I've admired the designs from LittleBeachHut for a while and this little bee is hard to resist.

2. Adorable Drama Llama from EllbieCo - nothing is better than a drama llama - and seriously - how cute? Just look at that little face.

3. Gin not Gym from SewCrossHandmade - I'm one day in to April and have already failed with my diet (damn the chocolate!) so this kit is a must-make to legitimise my bad decisions.

4. You're Tea-rific from GeekyStitchingCo - I think this cutie needs to be added to my Geeky Stitching Company collection very soon.

5. Makers gonna Make from Stitchsperation  - I've been a fan of the designs from Stitchsperation for a long time - it's definitely time to try a kit!

I definitely believe that setting some time aside for crafting (or any hobbies) helps us be more productive in the long I'm off to have a cup of tea and get stitching. Looking forward to collating some not so safe for work designs for you next week so stay tuned.

Bye for now!


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