Monday, 1 January 2018

Hello 2018!

I started writing a review of 2017 post yesterday. I started typing, then deleting, typing, then deleting, until I was feeling frustrated with my lack of words. Then I realised that I just hadn't enjoyed 2017 all that much. I could put a shiny spin on it I'm sure, but it just felt false.

So instead I put my laptop away and decided to wait it out until 2018. And here it is! Hurrah! I have a positive feeling about this year and I've enjoyed day one already. 

I also started to write some new year resolutions, and scrapped them (not doing very well, am I?). Instead I've decided to try and live life with a few goals in mind this year - kind of vague - but very meaningful for me. So here's what I'm aiming for this year:


  • Be kind
  • Seize more opportunities
  • Stop procrastinating (about everything, ever)
  • Be creative
  • Focus on family, friends and health
So that's the plan, simple huh? I've broken out my lovely new planner today, and have started to sketch out how I'm going to achieve these things. 

The lesson I've taken away from the past few days and the impending pressure of reviewing the last year is that sometimes it's ok not to do that. Sure, we learn from difficult times, but as long as we give ourselves time to reflect on the lessons learnt along the way I think it's absolutely fine to draw a line and move forwards - onwards and upwards! 

I truly hope that 2018 brings happiness to you. If you haven't tried this already, try asking yourself 'What do I want to achieve this year' and just sketching out what those things are, and some goals for how your're going to get there. I found it a lot less intimidating than a long old list of specific resolutions that I was likely to fail at by mid-January.

I have lots of exciting things planned for this little space in the blogverse for 2018 so thank you for reading you awesome person you, and I will see you very soon!

Bye for now xx

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