Saturday, 2 December 2017

Getting Organised with Planners

While waiting for my train yesterday I popped into Paperchase (any excuse). After cooing over their Christmas goodies I found a display of lots of different planners and journals, and two caught my eye.

The first planner I found in my basket quicker than I could blink was the 'Bossing it' planner - which is apparently for 'Goal Diggin' Girls (honestly - if I'd read that tag line first I probably wouldn't have bought it - I'm way out of the 'girl' age group, and also - I have no idea why it needs to be gender specific). However - there are some useful parts to this planner, which is aimed at people trying to start their own business - space to write out ideas, pages to support in finding clarity regarding the key focus of the business (I've found these particularly useful), and weekly planning pages to track goals.

I started using this planner today and found it really effective in helping me to focus on what I want to achieve from my business ideas, and what I need to do, to make it a reality. I've had lots of creative business ideas floating around for so long and I think this planner will help me focus them and move forward.

The second item I picked up is The Blogger's Journal. In the past I've tried to use online calendars and tools to manage my blog posts but there is something about having a pen and paper planner which I can pick up any time and sketch out ideas in, that really appeals to me. The journal has lots of blank pages for writing out ideas, pages to track followers, and goal setting pages. I used this journal straight away - sat on a train writing out some ideas. I've loved using it so far, and it's helping me focus more than an online calendar or a blank notebook can.

Paperchase have lots of different journals in stock at the moment - they're all super affordable and would be lovely Christmas presents for anyone in your life who likes to write out ideas. When so much of life is now sent looking at a screen I still really enjoy being able to write things out, so I'm sold on them so far - let's see if my blog and business ideas evidence that they are working!

Sorry for the lack of photos - I definitely need to sort out a lighting set-up for taking blog photos during dark evenings, but you can find The Blogger's Journal here and the Bossing it Journal here.

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  1. I am a sucker for all planners! Just laughed so hard at "Goal Diggin' Girls " hahaha