Tuesday, 11 April 2017

On Catching Bugs...

Adorable print by TheNerdyFamily on Etsy

Soooo...yeah...I've been battling a really tough virus for a few weeks now - honestly not sure at this point what it was, but it left me really tired, dizzy most of the time and just feeling generally 'bleugh'.

Sorry for the silence around these parts. I've been wiped out most evenings and not able to write a coherent sentence (I know, I know...what's new?). I'm really happy that I'm starting to feel more like my old self..and itching to get back to blogging...and crafting...and...well...anything really!

As you'd probably imagine, things have been fairly quiet at home so I have very little to report. I have been catching up on some TV so I'm planning a post on some of the best of those. I've been totally out of the loop with new Spring home ware releases, so I'm going to go and catch up on those...and try to resist splurging by writing some Collection Crush posts instead!

This post is just me dipping my toe back in the the past I've found that after I've been away from my blog for a little while for whatever reason it can be hard to get back into writing - it feels like a failure. I'm not going to fall into that pattern this time. It's not a failure, it's a temporary blip!

Take care for now, and I'll see you very soon!


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