Monday, 16 June 2014

Motif Monday - The Mini Yeti

I have a little stash of free cross stitch patterns all stored up and ready to share - but have been putting it off because I haven't had a chance to stitch them yet.

I've decided that approach isn't very productive, so I'm going to start posting them anyway - please just excuse the fact that some of them won't have a 'finished item' photo to go with them!

This week's design is a tiny cute yeti - perfect for putting into a key fob or for filling any tiny spaces that are crying out for a miniature mythical creature...

I haven't put a key for this chart - it's so simple that you'll be good to go with an ice blue, a black and a white (optional depending on whether you're using white fabric).

Here he is in virtual stitch form...

If you use this little guy please let me know - and send me a link to the finished item!

Lots more patterns to come over the next few weeks - including some more Marvel characters, a Hunger Games inspired design...and a character from Frozen. If you have any requests please send them my way!

Bye for now!
Kat xx

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