Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sunday Best - The Black Cat Edition

Thursday 17th August was Black Cat Appreciation Day. I definitely appreciate my little black cat, Bob, who loves sitting in cardboard boxes. He hasn't been very well for the past week (which involved a visit to the emergency vet last Sunday (ouch...expensive but worth every penny!). He's much better now though, and is getting lots of love and adoration.

Apparently animal rescue centres struggle to home black cats which is such a shame. Bob is my third black cat and I absolutely adore them. They all have amazing characters and life is a much better place with a little black moggy wandering around the home.

In honour of these amazing felines here are five of the best black cat items on Etsy at the moment...

Kate Broughton is always a favourite for me - and these black cat nail transfers are no exception.

This absolutely adorable pin from GlitterPunkJewellery  is on my list of pins to buy (I'm rationing myself to two per month - it's a killer).

The ilikeCATSshop is another regular favourite of mine on Etsy. I love the style of this print...and the combination of flowers and vegetables is just extra amazing.

Black cats are definitely lucky - and this hoop by CrimsonPins is a gorgeous way of celebrating that fact.

And lastly, this print by PrintsofHeart is so cute...and so right...I've had kitties of all different colours in my life...and the black cats have definitely always had the most chilled and cool little personalities.

I hope your Sunday has brought with it some loveliness. I'm full of a cold so I've used it as an excuse to hide under a blanket and craft while watching my way through the Star Wars movies in order (still not finished...I have a feeling it may carry over to next weekend!).

Bye for now


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