Sunday, 3 February 2013

Smelling the flowers...

                                                                                  Source: via Kat on Pinterest

So where did January just go? Seriously. I remember as a child hearing my mum talk about how time seemed to go faster as she got older, and not really understanding the concept.

That has absolutely changed. The speed at which time seems to fly by actually frightens me occasionally. The skill I need to learn is to slow down, smell those flowers along the way.

So, what exciting things has January brought my way? Well, I've started teaching at the College where I work, which is proving to be an amazing, and time consuming, venture in equal measures. I'm so happy I've taken the step though, and I'm excited to find out where it leads.

I'm also well and truly addicted to crochet. Seriously, it's at addiction level. It has to be the single most relaxing craft I've found so far. Expect a lot more crochet around these here parts.

Oh, and there's a new man in my life. Sure, he has some issues, but damn he's entertaining....

Californication is one of those shows where I can't understand how it's taken me so long to find it. I'm a long-time David Duchovny fan from my X-files geek days, but somehow this show has passed me by. Until now. Which is kind of awesome because I totally need its light relief at the moment, and Hank Moody's escapades sure are entertaining.

The hardest part is forcing myself to limit it to one episode a day on Netflix ;)

I also (finally!) have an office space at home, which is going to make blogging so much easier! No photos yet, as it is currently surrounded by box upon box of craft supplies (I need to do some serious stash busting), but soon my friends, soon.

Take care for now my lovelies...I'm off to do some catching up on a few of my favourite blogs.

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