Monday, 9 July 2012

Make-up case makeover

Today I wanted to introduce an old friend. It might not look like much but it's been with me through thick and thin...

This is actually my most beloved make-up case. As a make-up obsessed teenager I desperately wanted a professional aluminium make-up case for my birthday. Although my mum and dad couldn't get me one at the time (they were pretty pricey!) they used their combined genius to put together this bad boy for me - a tool chest, with a big mirror glued into the lid, and some homemade compartment dividers.

It travelled with me to University, my first home and through total of 7 house moves. The reason for me sharing is that I have a confession to make, for in recent years I've totally neglected my old friend, and this is what its insides became...

Aka total and utter chaos (and don't get me started on how old some of that make up is, there are students at the College where I work who are younger than some of those items). I decided it was time for a ruthless purge of all old make up, and a thorough clean of the case, which I re-lined with some pretty papers...

And then re-organised my remaining make-up stash, including some new purchases from E.L.F (more on those to come in another post). This was the end result...

From left to right I now have separate sections for my face products, eye products, lip products and then random beauty 'gadgets'. I'm hoping this will make getting ready in the morning a bit easier (and less of a make-up based lucky dip), and also stop me forgetting about the different make-up I own.

I've really enjoyed this little project (I can call turning out my own mess a project, right?), it's certainly encouraged me to try some new make-up, and it feels really good to have thrown away some of the older items. I'm trying to stick with a 1-year rule from now on to make sure everything is a bit fresher.

I hope it inspires turning out of make-up stashes, and I can highly recommend the organisational abilities of a metal tool case (just carry it flat, if you pick it up by the handle chaos ensues as nothing is held in place, which I discovered to my peril).

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Guess who's back...back again...

Keep Calm Poster by KeepCalmShop on Etsy

Well it's certainly been a challenging few weeks recently health-wise. I'm still having some tests to find out what is going on with my health (and in particular, my liver), but trying to stay positive that it's something that can be resolved. 

I had my first experience of an MRI scan this morning - not exactly a pleasant experience, but I think the breathing and meditation techniques I learnt at yoga helped a lot.

The whole experience is making me take a close look at my lifestyle. My diet has never been hugely unhealthy, but definitely room for improvement, so I'm definitely looking at permanent changes in what (and how) I eat.

Anyway, enough of that - back to my blog - I felt a really fierce desire to start writing again yesterday, and this blog is a really good way of doing that, so I'm planning to get back to posting.

I think I'm going to make a couple of changes - especially loosing the idea of having certain 'themed' posts on certain days of the week - I'm going to try an 'anything goes' approach for a while and see what happens.

On a totally unrelated note, I've just discovered that my pinterest has been hacked, with someone creating some really random boards on my account - which is slightly worrying! The boards had creative names such as 'my work is da bomb'. Excellent. Is this what happens when I step away from the internet for a little while? Sheesh!

Good job I'm back ;-)