Sunday, 21 November 2010

Roll up for the Hoopla

My current most favourite past time is designing embroidery hoops. Who would have thought that a simple embroidery hoop could hold such delights?

I thought I'd share the hoops I've made for Craftster swaps so far. I have a few planned for Christmas as well...that is if I ever get round to actually making any Crimbo goodies instead of planning them. So here goes...

First off I made this for the Gnome and Mushroom very first hoop attempt.

And next...for the Cephalopod swap, here's Monsieur Octopus chilling out

And Madame Cuttlefish, feeling fancy with her bow

Lastly, for the Hoopla Round 2...

For a fan of the seaside (the little flags are strung on a seperate piece of string so can be re-arranged, I'm quite proud of how they turned out)...

And what to make for a fan of sheep and goldfish? Well duh...a snorkling sheep of course...

And a close up of the sheep because I love how woolly the french knots ended up looking...

I have at least..erm..a squillion ideas of hoops I want to make at the moment so will post some more piccies soon :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Big day for the little man

So Bob the cat is also known as Little Man. I'm not sure where it came from but it just suits him. As does Bobert, Squig and any number of other names he gets called on a daily basis. I'm sure other pet owners do this...right?

Anyway, today we bought Bob a new addition for his wardrobe and I had to post a pic because he just looks so damn gorgeous in his new scarf.

They had matching leg warmers. I managed to resist, but for how long?
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Sunday, 7 November 2010


I had to post a pic of this little gem...bought today from Mr Buns in Plymouth. It's the aptly named Edward cupcake. And boy was it yummy. There were no sparkles, but instead some rather gorgeous strawberry icing. The important question is....where is the Jacob cupcake, and what flavour will it be?
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